Friday, 17 June 2016

Dissemination of the Budders project has begun. Here is an update from some of our partners.


Presentation of our "food truck" "Stopover in Dakar" - ppt and explanations for parents, teachers and official representatives and after ..... Surprise: we created our food truck in the hall of the school and served the menus created and realized by the pupils during the afternoon : A big success !


Dissemination event in Poland today too;))))
The students presented the whole 2 years of their work in front of the school audience, staff and local authorities.
-objectives of the project
-local activities
-EXPO trip
-business ideas
- funny moments - slideshow of crazy pics;-)
- kahoot quizz 'How well do you know the project Budders'? with prizes of course:)
- summary - students gave their opinions, shared feelings about the project, answered questions of their schoolmates


Our Budders had a presentation about our project. They shared their experience with first grades' students. About 200 students joined this activity. 
Also our budders prepared 2 file about business idea. We added 2 Entrepreneurship Ideas on twinspace.
Here their links...


here some pics and a video ( of the final event organized at Montefiascone for the BuddERS project for dissemination on blog and twinspace!


For the final dissemination we did a whole day of entrepreneurship. The whole student body participated. We had three workshops - one in each classroom - and the students rotated between them. We started out by doing some small games for the students to get into gear.

The three workshops were:

  1. The students participating in the project had made presentations about why it is important to have focus on sustainability in a country such as Denmark and what Denmark would look like if the country was to implement more sustainable solutions.
  2. The students participating in the project practiced sales pitching of their ideas.
  3. Discussion and evaluation between students in groups on the entrepreneurial ideas.  

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3


eures - EURES -related event The Job market at Vocational School of Tourism, Burgas, Bulgaria, where our students meet their future employers, and students participating in our project disseminate the ideas and activities related to the project

village - A trip to a village developing rural tourism, helpful for our business plan and presenting the experience and knowledge in front of students from the school

abroad - Popularizing the project idea abroad among our present and why not future common partners

local - Presentation before the local authorities

Our Romanian partners also made a website for the project which can be viewed here.